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We are constantly looking for innovative, goal-oriented cooking professionals who are looking to work in their own schedule and can offer a creative menu. Got what it takes? Go ahead and sign up!

Who we work with?

Cookinat is mainly made for local chefs looking to work at their own schedule and diners wanting to taste something different at home. Nevertheless, we also have space for goal-oriented partners who can bring innovative ideas to the table. If that’s you, contact us at for more information.


Our main values


You are the star of the show

Cookinat is made for you and only you. Whether you’re a chef looking to take a new career path or a diner wanting to schedule a special dinner for your loved ones, we are here to accommodate your needs.


A meal is not just a meal

Any foodie can understand what we talk about. At Cookinat, we believe a plate is an experience, a moment for yourself, a time to connect with whoever is sitting with you; which is why we are committed to help you, chef and diners, to live an unforgettable moment every time you use Cookinat.


Technology to bring us together

Although Cookinat is based on technology, this concept is everything but technological. Our goal is to be the platform that brings chefs and diners together. This is why we encourage our users to know each other with features such as in-app chats, introduction videos and app profiles.